What is the contribution of Holy Mother Sarada Maa?


Universal Motherhood – A live demonstration.

Just imagine – You went to visit a place where an unknown woman served you food. During that short interaction, something evolutionary happened within you. You felt like your own mother standing in front of you. You started developing childlike tendency forgetting gender and sex barrier. More strange, you started seeing your own biological mother’s face in broad daylight in that unknown woman. Is it possible? We have heard, Sati Anusaya converted Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesvara into three children through her motherly power. But is it a possibility in this modern, secular, feminism Kali Yoga?

Yes. We are discussing the episode of Holy Mother Sadara Devi, the divine consort of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna. Truly, She is an incarnation of Kali, the Universal Mother. Everybody has felt exactly similar motherly love in her presence. Rightly Swami Vivekananda said – No male could think impure in the presence of a pure woman. Girish Ghosh always tried to stay away from Sarada Maa due to his involvement with evils. But in his first meeting, he recognized a mother whom he was seeing in dreams from childhood.

As a spiritual guide to all types of seekers, convener of Ramakrishna Mission, Sarada Mission, she has made her own legacy in world religion. In case of Chastity and demonstration of moral values, she has her own patent. Her love has crossed the boundary of Human, manifested towards animal like cows, cats too. She was instrumental in stopping animal killing during Kali Puja.

When asked, Holy Mother replied – ‘My purpose of life is to demonstrate motherhood to this world’. Probably this is unique in world religions and highest women evolution we have seen. Mother Sita depicts a devoted wife of Rama. Radha depicts a true lover of Krishna. Yasodhara lead first women organization under Buddha. Vishnupriya was a true devotee of Chaitanya Dev. Probably world was desperately waiting for a woman to teach ideal motherhood. For Sarada maa, caste, gender, religion, country could not restrict her love. She initiated lower caste boys denying that day’s social custom. For her, Hindu, Muslim, Christians are all same. For her dacoit Amjad and saint Sarat are same. Sister Nivedita finds a mother in her like many other foreigners.

Women have many personalities – daughter, sister, wife, mother etc. Out of these, motherhood is considered as highest. Because in a mother, we find complete renunciation, pure love, dedicated service towards children. For a mother, there is no expectation from child, there is only selfless contribution. It is understood, when we see a mother’s affection for her one-two children. But how to understand a motherhood who considers whole world as her children!!! We cannot imagine this possibility without seeing Holy Mother Sarada Maa. In her words –

“I am the mother of the virtuous as well as the wicked. I am your true mother, a mother not by virtue of being your guru’s wife, nor by way of empty talk, but truly the mother. If my son wallows in the dust or mud, it is I who have to wipe all the dirt and take him on my lap. Whenever you are in distress, only speak this to yourself, ‘I have a mother'” — Sarada Devi

– Written on behalf of Holy Mother’s birth day Puja on 20th Dec.
(22 December 1853 – 21 July 1920)

Note – This photo is taken by Sister Nivedita.


Author:Muktipada Behera, Studied Vedanta, ancient Indian civilization.

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