What happened when Ramakrishna Paramahamsa put his leg on Vivekananda’s chest?


First meeting at Dakshneswar:

Narendra went to Dakshneswar to meet Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna was so anxious for and so enamored of Narendra that he cried and prayed for six months till Narendra met him. Later, Ramakrishna recalled the day when Narendra first visited Dakshneswar. He said—

“Narendra entered the room through the western door facing the Ganges. I noticed that he had no concern about his physical appearance. His hair and clothes were not tidy; like others he had no attachments for external objects. His eyes showed that a greater part of his mind was turned inward all the time. When I observed these, I wondered, is it possible that such a great aspirant could live in Calcutta, the home of the worldly-minded?”

Ramakrishna warmly welcomed Narendra and asked him to sit on a mat spread on the floor. Then Ramakrishna asked him to sing a song. Narendra gave his assent and started singing a devotional song-

Let us go back once more,
O mind, to our proper home!
Here in this foreign land of earth
Why should we wander aimlessly in stranger’s guise?
These living beings round about,
And the five elements,
Are strangers to you, all of them; none are your own.
Why do you so forget yourself,
In love with strangers, foolish mind?
Why do you so forget your own?….

When Narendra finished singing, Ramakrishna suddenly became emotional, grasped Narendra’s hands and took him into the northern porch of the Kali temple and with tears in his eyes said to him —

“Ah! You have come so late. How unkind of you to keep me waiting so long! My ears are almost seared listening to the cheap talk of worldly people. Oh, how I have been yearning to unburden my mind to one who will understand my thought! Then with folded hands he said: ‘Lord! I know you are the ancient sage Nara — the Incarnation of Narayana — born on earth to remove the miseries of mankind.”

Then Ramakrishna and Narendra returned to their room and started talking. Narendra asked Ramakrishna if he had seen or experienced God. But, this time when Narendra asked Ramakrishna the same question, the latter immediately replied in the positive. Without any hesitation, he said:

“Yes, I have seen God. I see Him as I see you here, only more clearly. God can be seen. One can talk to him. But who cares for God? People shed torrents of tears for their wives, children, wealth, and property, but who weeps for the vision of God? If one cries sincerely for God, one can surely see Him.”

Vivekananda was so much impressed with this meeting that he started visiting Ramakrishna daily when he felt: “religion could be given. One touch one glance can change a whole life”.

Narendra felt amazed as this was the first time he was meeting someone who could say that he had met or experienced God. He also understood those were not mere words, but words uttered from deep inner experiences. He left Dakshneswar and came back to Calcutta in a highly puzzled and bewildered state of mind.

Second meeting at Dakshneswar:

Narendra, a highly intelligent, scientific mind was considering it all madness and wanted to come out of the situation. He responded positively to the request of Ramakrishna to ‘come again and all alone’ though at heart he was deciding quite opposite. He finally went to meet him for the second time on a weekday. During the second meeting, he had another strange experience. When he was talking to Ramakrishna, Ramakrishna suddenly placed his right foot on Narendra’s chest and Narendra started feeling unconscious, he felt as if everything around him, the rooms, the walls, and the temple garden were vanishing away. Narendra got scared and cried out “What are you doing to me? I have my parents, brothers, and sisters at home.” Ramakrishna laughed and moved his foot from his body. He restored his consciousness and said “All right, everything will happen in due time.”

Narendra became even more puzzled and felt that Ramakrishna had hypnotized him. He also felt disgusted as he apparently could not resist Ramakrishna from influencing him.

Source: The GOSPEL of Sri Ramakrishna


author–Praveenkumar Goudar, worked at Ramakrishna Mission

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